Version 0.55.1

trCAD - a solid construction language

The trCAD manual


trCAD is a modern system for automatic 3D construction. It provides a powerful scripting language as an interface to advanced CAD functionality. This makes it easy to create modular, self-consistent 3D model generators. Their usage ranges from automatization tasks in industrial settings to human-interface configurators in business or private applications.

The trCAD scripting language for 3D construction is simple and easy to use. At the same time it allows the creation of complex constructions and the composition of extensive libraries. The language is based on the C-style syntax, what makes it easy to learn for everyone familiar with languages like C/C++, Java, JavaScript, PHP or Go.

Getting started

To start coding, you can get a free account on the trCAD website. The pages offers a simple online editor. trCAD is also a submodule of the trinckle paramate cloud system that hosts 3D model generators for the use as configurators on web pages and other applications.

This manual covers most of the features and functions of the trCAD language. However, for a quick start you might consider reading one of the online learner tutorials.


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